Sunday, April 27, 2008


Still stuck here with time slowly crawling by,moving fast when it wants to,crawling languidly at its worst. The dreaded exams have finally gained on me,only 1 day standing between me and them before i launch into one bloody battle. Ok that sounds totally cliched like some of the stuff you see on orkut profiles at this time of year, like this dude who goes "lost the battle of physics" blah blah blah ad nauseum. But gotta give a hand to the guy for glamorizing exams by giving it a Lord Of The Rings/Star Wars touch with stuff like Battle of blah blah. Kinda makes you imagine the guy dressed up like some medieval warrior fighting an orc.

My story right now is almost the same as it was the last time i posted. Now i've got 23 more days to go before I go off on another trip to my favourite destination Bangalore(I still can't bring myself to say Bengaluru,kinda pisses me off). A couple of years back,the main reason i used to love Bangalore was for its repertoire of culinary delights, But then Mangalore ain't no slouch in that field. Especially recently where restaurants have been opening up here at pretty reasonable intervals. But when it comes to materialistic nirvana,nothing beats Bangalore. It's been a paradise for me and Dante's Inferno to my dad who visualises money flying away at the speed of a jet when i just say "Bangalore" in front of him.

Last time i was there, I ended up at this place called National Market. Now to the outsider, it looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta, only instead of prisoners, you've got retailers and customers here. But to somebody who likes quality stuff,but hates spending too much for it, this is THE Place to be. The place turns me into a vampire at a blood bank. The place has got the biggest collection of DVDs of TV shows,Movies,music videos etc i've ever seen(People beg to differ saying that Palika Bazaar in Delhi and Chor Bazaar in Mumbai have got more stuff,but then i've never been to either of these places). In fact this is the only place where it took me more than 20 minutes to buy whatever i wanted. I've been known for buying my cellphone(worth almost 20k when i bought it,now not even half that price),a travel bag for Dad and a pair of leather shoes(worth 2 grand) within 15 minutes without even flinching. But this place kind of opened my eyes to why women spend so much time to just buy some clothes or shoes.

The last time i was there, i ended up buying the entire collection of Seinfeld, the 1st 2 seasons of Prison Break and the 1st season of Heroes. All these shows have been truly worth every buck i've paid for them. This time,i hope i get as lucky with what i'm buying,That 70s show,The Sopranos and if any money's left maybe Boston Legal.

But all this is still 23 days away,so till then,just pray that i survive these exams.

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