Thursday, May 08, 2008

And Now!!!

I kinda like the title of this post. It reminds me of one of my favourite songs. Jumpin Jack Flash by The Rolling Stones. I've got 3 different versions of this song by the rolling stones and other cover versions by artistes as diverse as Guns'N'Roses and Ananda Shankar(WTF!!!). The and now!! comes from the time they performed at the rock'n'roll circus of 1968 where John Lennon introduced the band. Man,now if that doesn't define big,dunno what does. Almost like having the Pope as your chauffeur or Arnold Schwarzenegger as your personal bodyguard.

Well, the exams have been crawling just like i'd predicted in an earlier where i mentioned a relation between time and the heat. Exams!!! Jesus F******g Christ!!!! Why do these guys think that it's the best way to prepare us for the real world by bombarding us with stuff that doesn't mean shit in the real world?????? Now i get it when they teach us stuff like marketing concepts and stuff. But what truly defines shit is Computers. People are moving to high tech crime with concepts like Phishing and Pharming(Sounds like some idiot with a speech impediment made up this stuff), But we are being taught something that is more blunt than Simon Cowell on a bad day,stuff like Windows 3.1(Oooh so cool so high funda), MS-Dos( Wow,black and white user unfriendly command prompt,so much fun) and worse shit than that. Why don't they instead teach us stuff like how to look busy with a blank Excel spreadsheet on your monitor, dealing with office politics(that shit could be a master's degree course in itself), tolerating your Boss's bullshit(under societal ethics perhaps)....

I know i'm ranting, but then you've gotta agree with me. Nothing satisfies you more than a well expressed rant. Good food gives ya cholesterol, Cigarettes ruin your throat and other stuff, Booze fucks your liver, But a good display of anger, that makes ya feel lighter that the most advanced form of power yoga.

Power Yoga reminds me of all the skinny chicks we see on TV and in the movies. God Knows which idiot told them that their ribs showing is sexy!!!! Take for example, All the well known supermodels for example. They look more starved than sexy. You think she's looking at you hungrily, think again, she's probably imagining a good meal.

Arrite,i seem to be running out of excuses to rant :P No problem though,i'll find something new tomorrow.

Btw, Withdrawal symptoms+Red Bull+A LOT of Tea= Not such a good idea ;)

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