Friday, February 24, 2006

My 1st blog

As i write this,I am wandering between the realm of Sleep and Concentration.

Hell,I just finished watching a crappy romantic comedy My Best Friend's Wedding.When i finished watching it,I realised 1 thing.Only 3 types of people watch such sloppy,mushy Romantic comedies:-
1) The members of the Opposite sex
2) Gay People and
3) Metrosexuals(Men who are comfortable with their feminine side like David Beckham who unwinds by wearing his wife's underwear).

Ok,I have to admit that the movie was kinda funny,But come on,Who the hell am i kidding.I almost threw up my lunch(Pizza,Chicken Wings and Coke)at the climax when Julia Roberts's Gay Friend (Played nicely by Rupert Everett who was the only likeable character in the movie) goes straight at the end of the movie (and u thought Miracles occur only in Hindi Movies)

For some reason I've turned Masochistic by subjecting myself to some Inhuman torture by watching some awful Romantic comedies(Too many to name),But then I redeemed myself in my eyes by buying some Action movie DVDs.Speaking of movies There was a good movie i saw last night called Mean Streets.Brilliant movie in which the Ultimate team (Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro) teamed up for the 1st time.The Main lead is however Harvey Keitel who masterfully underplays his role.But this is a movie i would recommend only to my male cousins.

Growing up among women has subjected me to some of the crappiest movies i've ever seen.Otherwise would a sane guy watch movies like Serendipity (I feel pity for the guy who made this crap),Notting Hill(Should've been called Rotting Hill) Sweetest Thing (Only thing sweet here was Cameron Diaz with 2 over the hill anorexic actresses Whatsername and UglyfreakfromMars).Now How much crap can a sane guy take.I put my foot down and started gathering a collection of some Action movies,Gangster movies and Dirty Sex comedies which a gal wouldn't even touch.

One Advice to the guyz out there,If u'r gal forces u to watch a chick flick,She's a sadist and will subject u to even more Sadistic tendencies in the future.So to all the red blooded males out there(Watch out) Thats all for now,Will write more later.....................