Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Failure and The Aftermath-2

Picking up from where we left off,I was reeling from the sudden news of results being out.However i got a call from my friend and i liked what i heard.However,i needed some retail therapy to recover.So,went on a bit of a shopping spree(Being generous here).

When you've got a hangover,you look at the world from a different perspective compared to how you look at it normally.1st of all,i think,Malls are over-rated.When people get all excited going "Hey,new mall coming up!!",I fail to share their enthusiasm.The 1st thing i look for in a mall is the food court,2nd the multiplex and 3rd the exit.Don't really give a rat's ass about the rest of the place.

Also,why is it that when they say 50% end of season,they don't really mean it?I always end up missing out on reading the fine print.And 1 more thing i've noticed is,All the big designer stores like Provogue,Indigo Nation or Levis are nearly empty.I always feel pity for the salesmen in there because theirs is a boring life and i'd feel even more pity if they were working on commission.

Coming back to the main issue,Failure can be painful to handle.Only way to handle it according to me is to take it like a man and not take it personally.Why i say this is because,at least you get to learn something good out of it,as long as you ain't overly sensitive.Why i hate failure is because i am my worst critic.Therefore,the kind of mental spanking i give myself is so painful i'm unable to emerge from the ruins for days.

But hell,Life's short,so don't take it too fuckin seriously else it's gonna eat you up.

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madhuri said...

gud article... i completely agree with u... :) really liked the article..