Sunday, July 22, 2007

Making The Right Choice

How does one actually decide what is right and what is wrong?This is a question that has been nagging me a lot recently.

One example of it was last week.I had to review a movie for the website i work for.Now,i hated the movie.It was terrible and a strain on my sanity.But unfortunately i had to give it a good review.Now,if you are reading this,you may naively ask "Why?" and if you are worldly wise,you'll know why?But for those who don't,let me explain.Every website has given the movie good reviews except for one lone shining star.But even though my job came with the promise of creative freedom,it was far from it.I ended up following the general opinion.

Now this is where i start to ask myself,why didn't i just follow my gut instinct?Well,I'd loved to have done that,but unfortunately i couldn't because then i'd be accused of being "biased".Well,that's a pity because i know that what i watched was crap.But unfortunately,i am a part of the "thinking audience" which as we know is a minority in our country.The masses however loved the movie and have praised it to the skies.

God,why's this so confusing???

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sindhu said...

it isnt confusin..coz dats d way it s.... said..abt d media..lik d freedom of speech n xpresion ..remember it alwayz cumes wid a tag..conditions apply..!!!!!
so itz easier said dan done..!!! its nt dat objectivity Vs Sunjectivity dat s major hw much is d media geared by monitary gains...!!!!!