Monday, August 06, 2007

In The Name Of The Father

Been biding my time lately watching all the insanity around me imagining myself as the calm little centre of this weird world.However things have been pretty interesting lately.Saw a couple of movies over the weekend.

Cash-Ugh!I was seriously disappointed after watching this movie.It had everything going for it,Cool promos,an equally good starcast(excluding Zayed Khan and the gals),an awesome soundtrack,mind blowing cinematography,pulse racing stunts and what not.But,the movie was 100% gloss and absolutely no substance.The movie moved at a sloooooooooooooow pace and the dialogues mostly sucked.The worst part was the writers of the movie tried acting clever and while in 1-2 instances,it actually worked making you go "Cool",the rest of the time you'd just go "Huh,What was that?".Guess we need to stop working on special effects and stunts and work on the stories.

Gandhi,My Father-How does one describe a beautiful work of art?That's exactly how i felt as i walked out of the theatre today,and it influenced the title of this post(and not the daniel day lewis movie as hollywood purists would think).The movie was sheer poetry.You feel every emotion that's portrayed on screen.Darshan Jariwala shows the vulnerable side of Gandhi with finesse.Akshaye Khanna who finally takes a break from overacting in movies like Salaam-e-Ishq and Aap Ki Khatir does some real acting and proves why he's such a fine actor.He brings out the frustration of Harilal Gandhi with perfection.I wish he showed the same dedication in choosing his movies.Shefali Shah is a pleasure to watch as always.She portrays the anguish of a woman caught in a dilemma flawlessly.Bhoomika Chawla is equally good as Gulab Gandhi and makes you want to see more of her.Anil Kapoor is truly a brave soul for having had the balls to invest in this movie.Unfortunately,the theatre was nearly empty,pity for the movie deserves more.Hopefully,it should be sent to the Oscars this time.

Besides all this,life's still the same as always.Having my share of fun.College is kind of getting more interesting now that all the activities have started.Got some serious travelling to do soon.
Anyways,will post more later.

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