Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's Like.......

It's like........

That's how i usually go when asked to describe something that's beyond description. Right now I alternate between the states of sleepy annoyance and sleepy cheer :P...Elvis belts out Blue Suede Shoes...I rock back and forth in my chair and wonder why the hell I like this song so much :D.......Just got back from a trip to Bangalore where I pretty much bet my future on the whims and fancies of a random computer.....The roulette wheel spins, but i don't see a number yet....Guess I'm still in the game for now.

The mind vacillates from one mood to another, one fantasy to another....But certain things stay the same.

Food!!!!.....One of my favorite topics of conversation. And truly one of the greatest pleasures of life ;)...To experience and to indulge in...

Movies!!!!......Again a favorite topic...Whether you are able to escape from reality and settle down in a different world,say The Shire from Lord Of The Rings or even the darkest recesses of someone's mind or a loving joint family in an ideal world...Movie watching has always been a true pleasure. Especially if the story's so good that it gets you involved.

Books!!!!!.... They say a picture speaks a thousand words.....But sometimes a thousand words can trigger off a million emotions...It can inspire...It can sadden...It can amuse...It can even educate...But make no mistake, Reading is one of the greatest cerebral pleasures one can ever enjoy without feeling any guilt :D

Writing!!!!... Now I agree I'm not a regular blogger. Just a regular guy who comes up here and writes irregular stuff. But I do agree with the title of my blog because I usually write about the here and now. Sure it's about me...But then,if i wanna read random opinions about something i don't care about resulting in either amusement or simple indifference, The World Wide Web's got enough shit out there to read till the world ends.

The advantage of being random is it makes conversations fun. At least for me it does. Where's the fun in rambling on and on about some topic no matter how inflammatory it is if ya ain't gettin' anywhere? Makes sense right? Yeah well what can we do? No matter how unpleasant our voice may sound to others, to us it is THE most intoxicating sound ever :D....

No idea behind this post. No plan to fit in with the greater scheme of things. Just some words pushed around here and there to form a small stream of coherence or incoherence...Depends on how ya see it ;)

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Achala said...

Well, I find your posts incoherently coherent, and this one too follows the trend. :D

Agree with ya on the movies and books, best pastimes ever - and the two combined can make for really good/random conversations. 'Which one do you think is better - the movie or the book?' ;)

Writing also - yes, even though I write much less than you do. :p I prefer reading what other people write to writing the kind of random stuff I churn out. Some of the best conversations I've had have been discussions over their/someone else's posts. It also helps as an ice-breaker, to start off conversations with people you've only recently met and don't know much about..

Food is something I never really talk about. For me, it's just something that helps quieten a growling stomach.. I can't understand the fascination people have with what other people had for breakfast/lunch/dinner - typical amchi conversation starters. :p But ya, food-related conversations are helpful at times. How else would you know what's good where when eating out? :D