Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oooohhh...The weather outside!!

There's a quote in Fight Club...If you woke up in a different time in a different place...would you wake up as a different person?

The Tyler Durden inside me shrugs indefinitely and tells me to put a cork in it...."Jesus man...Do ya gotta ask weird quasi-philosophical questions and screw my trip?"....Well funny story...My brain while usually in the state of immobility perks up at all the weirdest times and then 1 stupid question thought about in a state of absolute laziness turns into a "Find answer or go nuts" type situation...

Maybe in a truly sane world..Insanity would be considered a rare virtue...Something possessed only by souls who live in a higher consciousness....

Philosophy is like this pet that kinda improves your mood when you are totally down....But usually causes a mess at the strangest times making ya go "Bad Philosophy...Very Bad Philosophy"...

Now I've kinda been shuttling between 2 different places....One that's characterised by chills and smoke and another that's characterised by Heat and Dust (Merchant/Ivory,Take a bow :P )...And this Fight club funda kinda applies to me..Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's the fact that i live different lives in these 2 places which is why I feel like a different person now.

This whole feeling of Jet-lag doesn't apply to time only but involves the space part of the continuum too....Of course the thought of suffering from Jet Lag coz ya travelled just 300 miles is as stupid as a lot of ideas.

Right now though, I don't give a rat's ass about any such ideas....All I'd like to do is walk in to one of my regular haunts, listen to something that doesn't give me a headache and well...indulge in some meaningless conversation :D

And yeah,Merry Christmas(Belated) to whoever's reading this...Hope ya get whatever ya wish for :D

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