Friday, December 18, 2009


The title of my post is a reaction to all that's annoying about the world around us :D....Popularized by Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean to those who don't know this comic genius) It's an expression to which I've kinda developed an addiction lately.

Think of this bad dream that you saw today morning....Imagine it takes a human form and cultivates this habit of annoying ya throughout your day....I'd see it as the annoying dude who stands behind ya and goes "Hiya Pal" with an extremely nasal voice making you want to punch him in the face. The trouble with seeing a bad dream is that it just adds to the "Questions without Answers" part of your brain.

More annoying than bad dreams are the weird ones. You know the ones that involve break-dancing hippos and people who you'd least expect to see popping up in a cinematic representation of your sub-conscious. They are the kind of dreams that make ya walk around the whole day with your face shaped like a question mark and make you wish you had a copy of that book on dreams written by Freud.

Something as Phrrbbttt inducing as the examples cited above are Bad News. You know the kind. Especially news that are not as bad as they are embarrassing and annoying. And if ya gotta smile through the whole ordeal...Maybe that's why all those dudes end up snapping, goin apeshit and grabbing a gun and turning folks into artistic impressions of Swiss Cheese.

Fantasies are fun....Reality, Not so much....;)

Annoying superiors....The "I do not command respect coz I'm a world class schmuck...But i do demand it because I'm insecure as hell and need to reaffirm the fact that I am superior to some really unlucky fucks". Seen this class of people loads of times. Makes ya wanna stick your tongue out and go Phrrrbbbbtttt so vigorously that they blow off....But for some reason these are the kind of guys who end up on top and unfortunately for us, do not allow us to forget that fact.

Bad Movies...Especially if they've been hyped as the greatest movie since Sliced Bread....These are the kind of movie which the extremely hyper dude on one side of you will be laughing his ass off at because it is sooooooooooooo funny........NOT and some annoying screechy gal on the other side of you will be squealing in excitement because the hero is oh sooooooooooo cute and sweet!!!!!! These kind of movies usually star the flavor of the season who for some reason thinks that his/her presence is enough to make the movie a hit....Funnily it works at all the wrong times...

Server slowdowns on any social networking site.......Page looks like it's about to load.....Server Not Found!......Refresh Button pressed gently.....Page loads halfway and then gives up due to lack of motivation....Refresh Button pressed a little less gently....Page loads in the same amount of time I could've taken a tour of the Universe......In the meantime....Refresh Button pressed with the same feeling with which one punches the daylights of an enemy.....Page finally loads fully....Nobody's commented on my oh so freakingly cool status update......Or on my "Look at me I'm so hot" pics....Life Stinks!

Flight Delays.....Annoying voice on P.A System "This is to inform you with some regret(Yeah right!) that Flight Number $@#! to *insert destination here* has been delayed due to Technical Difficulties (Oh yeah,never heard that before)......Sit on extremely uncomfortable seat in the middle of the "Swanky yet Accessible" lounge......Try making eye contact with extremely attractive lady in front of you *crashes and burns*......Bah! Women!.....Walks around airport lounge till security starts giving ya weird looks....Makes calls to friends who are all not in the mood to talk....Bwah!!!! I'll go fly the damn plane myself....3-4 agonizing hours later....Annoying voice on P.A System "Boarding's been announced"....Say,that voice ain't too bad ehh.....Enters plane beaming hoping to be seated next to remotely attractive woman.....Ends up sitting next to extremely annoying middle aged corporate honcho who has a lot of gyaan to share...but not his cash :P.......Honcho flirts with gorgeous air-hostess...She responds.....Bah!!!

More to come soon....Maybe someday when I'm actually pissed off :P

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