Saturday, August 25, 2007

Travel,A Crazy Baby and Neutrality

Lately i've been doing a little bit of travelling here and there. A month back,i got the news that i'll be participating in my 1st ever lone wolf (Solo) business quiz. Now the term business quiz kinda sends shivers down my spine because unlike a regular GK quiz, i can never really get the hang of a business quiz because most questions in a business quiz come under 2 categories, Insanely easy and psychotically tough. And i am the kind of guy who never really likes to prepare for a quiz. So i just set out to Belgaum last week to face what would be a rip-roaring, mind-blasting experience.

Now, I'm not exactly a big fan of travelling. Especially when it comes to Long journeys, God alone knows how i manage to keep my sanity intact at the end of it. Like most Geminis i'm annoyingly restless and when i get restless, without my knowledge i get on other people's nerves. Add to that the consternation in my mind when i came to know that we have to change a train to Belgaum from Goa. But since i was too resigned to my fate, i resisted from cursing the Great Indian Railways(Which for your information is the organisation with the highest number of employees). Now the preparations for Belgaum began.

A typical management fest consists of the following events give or take a couple, Marketing , Stock, Advertising, Finance, Best Manager, HR and of course Business Quiz. Well, I've been a quizzer since my school days and been a pretty decent one at that (The trophies in my shelf stand as a testament to that) but back then, they were mostly general quizzes held at the district level, so the level of competition at that time was pretty easy, but the moment i stepped into college, i knew i was in a totally different ball game. Anyways that's history,will post more on that in some other post. Now as the preparations for this fest began, so did all the craziness. Turns out that we had to take a 1st yr team along too. So there was a little babysitting involved here(Any of my juniors read this,they're gonna kill me). So that led to late night reports, brainstorming sessions , lack of sleep etc.

Finally came the day of the journey, 6 hrs to Margao and 4 hrs to Belgaum from there. The 1st part of the journey was pretty dull, but the journey from Margao to Belgaum was pretty interesting.

Ok,this is turning into an epic,guess i need to wrap it up here for now,will move into the next part later

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