Monday, November 09, 2009

Fake Smiles and Covered Miles!!

Bah!!! Grr!! etc etc.....

I gotta ask.....Why is it that nothing is ever what we think it is? Take a beautiful painting that's been around for sometime. From a distance, It looks beautiful. It looks perfect. You can't seem to find any fault with it. But the minute you get up close and personal, You see the cracks. The glitches. They may be negligent. They may be subtle. But sometimes they are obvious,even painfully so. And that gets you thinking. It changes your perspective about the painting. The question is, Are you able to accept it in spite of all the glitches or do you just move on the another painting that's more "perfect"?

I see it everywhere. I see it in myself too. This tendency of the human spirit,not to break under the most trying circumstances. The cracks under the facade of perfection that we try to portray to anybody who's looking. Now, any damage is reparable to a certain degree. It can be glued together and made to look as good as new through the glue of emotion or practicality. Sometimes you let the cracks that begin to appear in your life get fixed through love and acceptance or through a pretense of conformity. But after a while, as the damage turns irreparable, Are you still able to accept it? Can you look past the damage and see the bigger picture? Or do you move on to something less complicated but with lesser meaning too?

I'm still walking down this road as I hate driving :D....I hitch a ride occasionally to get me through certain bad roads. But mostly, It's just me and my trusty old legs that refuse to give up and want to keep walking :D....What about you,Yes you,the one that's reading this....Have you stopped for good or do you plan to stay on the road and show the finger to failure that creeps up on you in the form of anger, exhaustion, cynicism and hopelessness???

Think about it ;)...You've got all the time in the world :D


555apache said...

Just for the record. :D
I quit reading mid way through the first paragraph :D

Achala said...

For times like this, refer to U2 -

"...Walk on
Walk on
What you got, they can't steal it
No they can't even feel it

Walk on
Walk on
Stay safe tonight..." :)

Janice D'souza said...

:) Nice..