Monday, August 31, 2009


Warning: Extremely Personal and Self-referential(Yeah yeah,been there done that)

Like always...Every post containing words is preceded by a million blank ones....Every decent idea i get is only after the rejection of a million bad ones....

Lately, I've been trying this new thing where I try to be not just a better person, But also a more secure person :).....

The past few weeks have literally been cathartic in nature as I've tried to kill all the bad in me...Now I know that a person cannot be a 100% good or a 100% evil. The problem with value education is that we are taught to view everything in black or white. But there lies the trouble! How does one react to Grey?????? This is a question that has troubled me a LOT!!!

One of the greatest flaws in my character is that I try to simplify everything i see..Now Science basically boils down to the simplest explanation, But what about Art? Can Art be explained in just a word or a sentence? Why I ask this is because Life to me is more Art than Science? Birth and Death may be scientific, But what about the time in between?

Coming back to the flaw in my character...I can be accused of viewing Life through that highly simplified perspective which has led to me committing many fatal flaws which in a way has led to me losing a few battles.

But there is one extremely valuable lesson I've learned recently. The person who is most uncomfortable with himself is the one who can cause maximum destruction in order to feel that minimum sense of adequacy....The most angry person is the one who has been denied the one thing we always crave for...Acceptance. Thinking about it, It's extremely saddening to watch. The smartest, The best looking, The most talented, Yet never happy with what they are. Always craving to be someone else.

Ultimately It's how you look to yourself, Not to the rest of the world right????

I've learned this..But will I be able to follow it? Can I walk the walk? Only Time Will Tell...Till then, I can only pray for following the right path :)

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