Monday, February 16, 2009

Lookin' Back!


As I reach the end of a rather interesting,twist filled,intriguing(and various other adjectives you'll probably find at the back of some random novel) chapter of my short life, Methinks it's time to start a little "looking back over my shoulders" session but nothing too long and boring( like stories i normally find funny :P )..

It's been a fun ride, These 3 years, have had my shares of ups and downs,loads of downs,but quite a few ups to make up for it....

Ups like winning some major quizzes, making some great friendships, learning a lot of crazy new stuff and certain practical lessons too...

Downs like misunderstandings, politics, fights, fuck-ups etc etc....

But some of the stuff I learnt in here were

* Life goes on, You ain't indispensable
* The really smart guy is the one who knows when to shut the fuck up
* Nothing's ever worth losing sleep over, If ya can't solve something, Just chill,It'll sort itself out :)
* The only memories You'll eventually have left are the good ones :D
* Booze rules, But just don't overdo it :)
* When it comes to Gals, Totally different playing field, Totally different rules ;)

That's all, No more gyaan, No more bullshit, Just me racing towards the climax of an exciting chapter in my life :)

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