Monday, August 04, 2008


Damn It!!

Again I find myself at a point where I seriously wonder "WTF am i even doing here". Blank, Confused and Cynical, exactly how i feel at the moment. Blank because nothing's making any sense, Confused because I don't know what to do and Cynical because this is a been there done that situation for me and nothing good's ever come out of it :)

I also wonder at times whether I should stop trusting people completely. Because lately what i've observed is that there is no use trusting anybody even a little bit because that they are resourceful and cunning enough to turn that little fiber of trust into a rope and strangle you with it at worst or atleast tie you up leaving you immobile yet watching.

The one thing that can frustrate you in life are limits. Whether it's in what you are doing or whether it's in yourself that the limits exist, they can inhibit you from carrying out something with the dedication and skill it deserves. If the limitation is something you were born with, nothing much you can do except try working around it a bit. But what if the limitation is self-imposed??

Questions that sear at my flesh.....Hopefully I shall have the answer someday :)

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