Thursday, July 03, 2008


This post finds me on a Thursday afternoon,staring at the screen,listening to some arbit hindi song that randomly starts playing on my system wondering the 1 question that's always bugged me from time immemorial (Or atleast since i started thinking deeply) "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON".

Tough question above,the only question which a semi decent quizzer like me has never been able to answer. The problem with the above question is that it never has a simple or a permanent answer unless you consider total confusion to be an answer which is not exactly correct all the time. The answers keep changing,the questions don't.

I'm kinda coming to terms with all that's happened since my 20th birthday. The minute i turned 20,i was literally pushed into a no man's land that's neither teenager nor adult and i'm still trying to get a grip. I know this sounds cliched,but since I've turned 20,I've been in a permanent state of free fall and everytime i've managed to hold on to something,it's broken off faster than i could settle into it.

It's been crazy,it's been insane,it's been ruthless,But overall it's been pure unadulterated fun!! The thing about my life is that when i'm surrounded by events happening around me,it never gets dull. It just moves from 1 point to the next at break-neck speed.

I still don't know where my life's headed and to be frank,I still don't care thank you very much.

Till the next entry ;)

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