Thursday, June 12, 2008


Oh yeah,Can't believe i'm getting out of my fucking teens. Seriously, It's kinda crazy,for anybody born in 1988, you turn 20 and all you see around you is 20 thanks to cricket ;)

Freaky Friday is what it's gonna be this time. My birthday is on Friday the 13th,not exactly something to alarm the shit outta me except maybe for the fact that there are atleast 4 new movies releasing that day.

These days,looking at all the stuff that's happening around me, the fun,the tensions,the politics,the love,the hatred,the craziness,the moves,the countermoves etc,I sit,I watch,I laugh,I absorb the shock,I come to terms with the latest nonsense,I react,I stare,I dream,that's all i do.

Hell,here's wishing myself a happy 20th birthday in advance :),Hope this decade treats me better than the previous one.

My wishlist for this decade

1)I get a decent job
2)I make good money
3)I get the respect i deserve from folks around me
4)I make good friends
5)I finally get rid of my single status
6)I lose my virginity ;)

That's what i wish for. If i get it,good,if not,chuck it,there are other things ;)

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Preeti Datar said...

You got my comments on Gtalk! ;)

Happy B'day once again! :)
welcome to the 20-20s!