Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Am feeling kinda disoriented today.Today was the beginning of something that's gonna change my relaxed lifestyle for the next 1 yr.College reopened today.Man,i was feeling so disoriented throughout the day.Imagine,your 1st day in college after nearly 2 months and u end up listening to your lecturer go Bang Bang Boom(atleast that's how it sounded to me)about the rules and regulations and all that jazz.Add to that a nagging headache because of lack of sleep and you got one hell of a day.The highlight of the day was lunch,which was simply mindblowing(Never thought i'd admit to liking vegetarian food).But after that it got worse.The aftereffects of the lunch showed in class.We guys were so damn sleepy,it was a miracle we stayed awake.As soon as college was done,we went home and watched this extremely wacko movie called "Epic Movie".It's supposed to be a spoof of all the big budget movies,but it falls flat on its face half the time.Not worth your time and money.Anyways,brain's run out of thoughts(Like it's gonna be active this late in the night).

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Preeti Datar said...

Wonder if I'll feel disoriented too when I attend college...mine's already started though...and i have no c\qualms about missing it!! A few more days of fun dosen't hurt much *wink*