Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Scene!!!

Lately, As I drift through here and there meeting random people, The FAQ in my head's like "What's the scene".....

All that's happened lately has been a blur. A blur of incidents passing by so fast I could hop on one of them and I'd reach Bangalore within a few minutes. It's literally Life at the speed of thought. Crazy Crazy Crazy. I ask myself why I've been letting stuff just pass me by. Funda's simple, If I don't care about something, I'm not sure I wanna be on board :) It's more like, Leave me alone, I'll grab the next one :)

One thing I've learned lately is that Ego can be like booze. The right amount can get ya going anytime and anywhere. A little bit of Ego's always required to get that competitive edge. But too much of it can kill ya...Not necessarily lead to your physical death, But the death of something inside you, Maybe the good in you..

More to come soon....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i would say, ego sometimes give false hopes, a false strength!!
in other words..its a schizophrenic inside you..!!