Tuesday, September 02, 2008

At Wit's End

Am truly at my wit's end. Things are just changing and changing and changing, I'm facing the kind of storm I'd never even dreamed about. It's like I got no moves at all to counter what's coming at me. I'm just getting hammered and hammered and hammered, Yet for some reason, I'm still standing and ready to face obstacles one after the other, each worse than the other, each tougher than the other.

Suddenly, I feel alone. Deserted. It's like whatever bad things I've done in my past have all caught up with me and are making me face what I've done. I don't know right now what I must do. I wish I could escape from this, But I don't want to. I just want to wait and wait to see how this ends.

Someday It's gotta end, Maybe earlier, Maybe just in time, Maybe when it's too late. Let's see

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A world within me-prarthana pai:) said...

you veecrumb,cannot do bad to anybody,sure of that!