Sunday, May 20, 2007

Life at the speed of a fast train!

Life's tough.Drunk on beer,hardly any money in your pocket.You miss the last train home.2 and a half hours later,You are a millionaire.What happened in those 2 hours???Sounds exciting on paper huh.Works out equally well on the big screen.Watched this movie today at adlabs and gotta admit,120 bucks well spent.This is one of those movies u wish u were the hero off.Abhay Deol seems to have made it a point to act in GOOD movies(Honeymoon Travels being an exception)unlike his 2 more illustrious cousins.Neha Dhupia is finally believable as a prostitute.Add to that a motley crue of really weird characters like a short don,a mahabharata spewing inspector,a henchman with a glass eye,a nana patekar lookalike,a rajnikant fan sub inspector etc and u have got 2 and a half hours of pure fun.

I'm rather pleased at the new developments lately in Indian cinema like the sudden focus on urban life,low budget movies with high quality stories and character driven movies.It's like a whole new wave movement like the one in the eighties,but with a more contemporary look at society.

If this continues,trust me,It's all good.

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