Monday, April 16, 2007

Funny Business

Life's kinda interesting when you least expect it.The best part about life is that it never stops.Ups and downs keep coming your way.Kinda adds spice.You are always in suspense(like a person watching a Hitchcock movie)about what happens next.Today went pretty decent.Exams began today.Not some stupid unit test kinda thing,but the real thing!!!When I hear the word exams,the tension in the room becomes so thick,i could cut it with a knife.Anyways,today was English.The only paper which i actually enjoy writing.That's because,u can write any bullshit you want to and for a guy like me,It's heaven.Of course,finished it within 2 hrs coz was hungry(didn't have breakfast as usual)so,was kinda running out of energy.Came out,watched one of my crazier friends flirt like mad with a chick(of course,she walked off quickly lest he flip out).Then met my 2 best buddies(BB)and moved out of the place with them.Watched Bheja Fry today.Total laugh riot.Had a great laugh especially at the dialogues in the movie.Now,gotta watch out for Hindi day after.Total vernacular attack.Now currently,wondering what to do about Hindi.It's like a rash,not gonna go away by itself.So,gotta sit through the biographies of Gandhi,Socrates,Thyagaraja etc.Wish me luck!!.

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Vinay said...

Apart from those biographies, plz include a future autobiography of the venerated Mr. PN Gupta! [;)]